Hello Gentleman,

My name is Nicole, I am a full figured, natural redhead. I am native English, 182cm tall and have many elegant tattoos.
I enjoy and specialize in the kinkier side of erotic massage. This includes, SM massages, Stoute/Naughty massages and my personal favorite, Anal massages/Tantra supreme.
I also take great pleasure in orgasm control, this can be incorporated into standard massages and not just kinky ones, so please let me know at the beginning of a session if this is something you are interested in.
I am fully trained in the art of BDSM, but I only do hard BDSM sessions with guests I’ve known for a long time. However, I am available for soft bdsm sessions, this is open to everyone.
Of course, I am available for the more traditional massages that are on offer at Aurora, and I especially love our Summer shower massage/shaving.
I’m a very open-minded and friendly, so don’t be shy in telling me what you desire.

I hope to see you soon,
Nicole x



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